Methodea offers management and technology services such as Strategic Transformation; Public Sector Management & Technology Consulting. Our primary goal is to enable innovative change so as to deliver measurable performance improvement.


Methodea is a leading provider of business coaching. Unlike many other coaching programs, our content is practical and results-oriented, that emphasizes results, impact, and value for clients.

Our Coaching methodology is customized according to your needs, which includes:

Foundations of coaching: key coaching conversations, the coaching process, setting scope and boundaries, establishing coachability, assessing the client, tracking progress and results, defining success, following up.

Behavioral coaching: making one leadership behavior a habit, or eliminating a behavioral blind spot, in order to improve performance.

Perceptual coaching: reframing a limiting belief or perception that might be hurting a leader’s ability to build relationships or get results.

Situational coaching: We coach clients to: engage and mobilizing employees, manage up, build one’s powerbase of professional relationships, lead change, develop a succession planning, think strategically, think comprehensively about complex issues, resolve conflict, communicate simply and powerfully, influence with impact, overcome resistance to an idea, enjoy success in a new role, overcome overwhelm due to multiple demands on time, develop leaders and gain leverage, get grounded and gain clarity via the leader’s dashboard, career planning, develop a personal brand, create a development plan, build an effective Board, execute and move things forward effectively, create a high-performance culture, and build high-performance teams.

We also create coaching proprietary frameworks and methodologies that can become part of the client’s own intellectual property.


Being a leader is not easy,  juggling so many options—people, structure, process, compensation, management, training—it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what to do to raise the bar on performance.

Methodea equipped with analysis tools and experienced consultants, can help you determine with confidence which paths will lead to significant increases in sales performance.

You will work with our consultants who are industry experts, who will work with you to uncover the changes you need to be made for dramatic improvement. We’ll help you move from recommendations to action and change.

Our consulting services include:
Sales Performance Improvement Consulting :
Most leaders know there is huge untapped revenue growth potential in their organization. We’ll help you uncover your greatest opportunities for growth and provide you with a road map to get there.

Risk Management and Internal Control Consulting : We can advice and provide consultation on enhancing company’s resilience by increasing the range of opportunities,positive outcomes and advantage while reducing negative surprises.


In traditional organizational theories, strategy has been considered the domain of top management and that their job is to strategize and once developed, sell the strategy and get buy in from the rest of the organizational members.

At Methodea, we believe that:

  1.  top management (or partners) are responsible for driving the majority of revenue.
  2.  professionals are highly intelligent and independent workers and do not take well to what they perceive as an undue top down influence and control.

We suggest that firms take a bottom up approach to strategy meaning that practicing professionals at all levels have a major say in the strategy process, particularly for their own practice areas. Senior partners should act as facilitators to ensure that strategy is being taken seriously.

It is important to note that eliciting each technical area of the firm to embark on their own strategy process can contribute to the fiefdom mentality that already exists in many firms.

Strategies at each practice area level should fit into the firms overall strategy and incentives for information sharing etc should be put in place to encourage the necessary team work.

Strategic Management Consulting: Management is the key element to run an organisation. We can help your organization develop a repeatable process, proven to grow your business.


At Methodea, we will train your personnel in the way that suits your organization best and the types of training we offer  are:

In-house training: We train your employees at your organization, at their habitat where they are familiar. A typical training can last between two to four days and they can be supported with our distance learning and online options.

Distance-learning: Your personnel can join our public distance learning program or we can create a private cohort specifically for your firm. This can include a series of tele-classes and/or webinars that can be recorded and placed in a private member area for ongoing learning, along with our videos and training manuals.

Individual training: For a small number of personnel, joining our public certification program might be the most convenient option.

Train-the-trainer: We can train your in-house trainers to deliver our coach training programs to your personnel.

Customised training: We are able to customise a program that fit your required needs

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